Mushroom Bourguignon and Cauliflower Puree

Total time: 3 hours (I didn’t manage to cook both dishes at the same time because I was still prepping mushrooms by the time the cauliflower was done, so maybe it could have taken less time but I’m not sure.)

Source: Nutritious Delicious

Servings: Mushrooms: 8+, Cauliflower: 6

This. Was. Amazing. I have been regretting not blogging about it every day because it was just so good. A time commitment, but so good. I’m never making mashed potatoes again because this cauliflower puree was on par with the best mashed potatoes I’ve made regarding taste and easier to make. Plus, no butter or cream. Just olive oil and some spices.

And the mushroom bourguignion was so rich and savory and the sauce really tasted like it could have been made with beef. Technically this isn’t vegetarian because it has gelatin and anchovies, so if you’re actually vegetarian there are instructions for getting around that in the description, but the recipe as-is was good for us as people who are just trying to cut back on meat.

It was a bit disappointing that the cauliflower didn’t serve as many as the mushrooms did, so we couldn’t consistently pair them together, but it led me to make couscous to pair with it for lunch the next day. We’re still eating the mushrooms with couscous and it’s delicious, so I highly recommend either pairing.


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