A note on recipes, or the lack thereof

I am a recipe-follower. I am a food-scale-and-Thermapen-using kind of recipe follower, and that’s why America’s Test Kitchen is a good fit for me. This means when people suggest I write a blog or a cookbook or something because my lunch looks so good, I tell them I can’t. None of these recipes are mine, I just follow them. Then they tell me to just change things a little bit so that I can call the recipe mine and I tell them no. The food turns out so well because it has been tested over and over by the people who write the cookbooks and I don’t want to change them.

But now I am writing a blog. I’m writing a food blog while being entirely uncreative in the cooking process. That means I will not be sharing recipes for the food I cook, but will instead share sources. That’s weird for a food blog, I know, but these cookbooks really are the source of all of my cooking skills. I’m going to respect the creative and scientific work the creators of these cookbooks have put forward and I am going to recommend their cookbooks and share my thoughts on the process and results rather than sharing the recipes themselves. I hope you pick up the cookbooks, because I only cook from the ones I love. If you’re not ready to commit to buying the cookbooks, I have been pleasantly surprised by the selection of cookbooks I can find in digital and physical forms at my local libraries, so see if you can find them and support your library at the same time. You can also browse the recipes that are available for free on America’s Test Kitchen’s website or get a subscription to their website, which includes many of the recipes in their cookbooks.