Creamy Polenta with Sautéed Mushrooms with Red-Wine Miso Reduction

Total Time: 2 hours, including making vegetable broth base partway through

Source: The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

Servings: 4 (very substantial)

This timeline for this one is probably quite a bit off – not only did I make vegetable broth base after getting started (see yesterday’s post for reference to running out of vegetable broth), but my sister was working overtime so I was stalling to make sure she could eat when it was ready. It was about an hour of cook time, plus maybe 15 minutes or so of prepping the mushrooms, though I always have to spend more time simmering things than the recipe calls for, so it probably would have taken less time had I just simmered vigorously.

Anyway, this was super tasty. I mostly chose it because I have a bunch of miso in my fridge and I always let miso sit in the back of my fridge until it goes bad, but also because it served four and I didn’t want to try to make it serve five. Also, my nephews would probably complain if I made them eat this, even though they’re definitely wrong. This was delicious. It was also very creamy for something plant-based. Super delicious.

It was also much easier than it seems for something where I said it took two hours. Mostly a lot of simmering and not a lot of chopping. Super savory and comforting and delicious.

Oh, and a note on the vegetable broth base: I think this is the fourth time I’ve made this, and the last two times, I’ve doubled it. You basically peel/loosely chop some veggies and throw a bunch of stuff in the food processor. I like using it more than Better Than Bouillon because it’s not a sticky paste and I can keep it in the freezer instead of the fridge. Both Better Than Bouillon and this base are better than actual stock because that’s a lot of water to store in the fridge/freezer and I can portion it out to the right quantity for recipes without having weird amounts left over.


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