Cheese Fondue

One day, I’ll be able to take a panorama without it getting super wonky.

Total time: About 30 minutes, plus some time to prep the vegetables. It would have taken longer if Sean hadn’t made the steak while I did the fondue, since the fondue basically needs to be stirred constantly.

Source: Cook’s Country’s website

Servings: 6

We do fondue every year for New Year’s Eve. It’s something my family did a few times, so we registered for a fondue pot for our wedding. When we got it, I decided that needed to be a tradition for us. It was a lot of food for the two of us, but it has turned out to be great for our full house. In the past, I’ve made a fondue sauce from the manual for the fondue pot, but this time I decided to do an ATK recipe. This was a winner. It was much milder and smoother than other recipes I’ve done, on top of being super duper easy. We’ll probably be using this one going forward.

As far as things to dip in the cheese, here’s what we had:

  • Italian bread
  • Petite sirloin steaks, cooked in a cast iron
  • Li’l Smokies
  • Beef Snack Bites (basically tiny salami, but we’ve used salami chunks in the past)
  • Baby potatoes, cooked using this method, but at 6 minutes because ours were a bit bigger, then cut in half
  • Broccoli, cooked using the Instant Pot pressure cooker broccoli setting, which was delicious but waaaaay too mushy to dip. We drizzled the cheese over it on the plate. If you want to dip, just lightly steam the broccoli.

All in all, this was a supremely unhealthy dinner, but that’s why we do it once a year. It was delicious.


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