Christmas Cookies, Day 2: Eggnog Snickerdoodles and Molasses Spice Cookies with Dark Rum Glaze

Total time: I… didn’t pay attention. Both sets were pretty straightforward.

Source: The Perfect Cookie

Serves: 60 eggnog snickerdoodles (was supposed to make 48) and 24 molasses spice cookies

My husband did most of the work on these (with my mother-in-law on the eggnog ones) so I won’t provide a lot of commentary on these. I did help with some troubleshooting on the snickerdoodles because they stuck to the measuring cup when being smushed, so through trial and error we learned that a wet measuring cup worked much better than a greased one.

We’ve made the molasses spice cookies before (they’re our one repeat cookie for the year) and they didn’t quite turn out right this time. Sean thinks we overworked them, which is a plausible explanation, so they seem like they’ll be a bit tough and Sean is already planning on making another batch. They’re easy enough that that’s not an absurd idea.

We haven’t tried the molasses cookies yet (because we want to glaze them), but the eggnog snickerdoodles were pretty good! They went over well with eggnog haters, but they had enough eggy rummy flavor to not just be snickerdoodles.


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