Cherry Icebox Ribbons

Total time: About 3.5 hours, much of which was downtime.

Source: The Perfect Cookie

Serves: Makes 40 cookies, but how many cookies are in one serving is up to you!

Okay, so as I mentioned in my last post, we have four sets of cookies planned for this week. This one is the first. Sean chose and is taking the lead on the cookies, so I don’t have as much to speak to on these. I did help him roll out/shape/stack the dough because he has less experience than I do in that area, and he always needs my eye to gauge browning because he’s colorblind and struggles with those nuances sometimes, but he made the dough and filling on his own.

This was an excellent use of part of our Costco bag of dried cherries and the sour cherry jam we got for Christmas last year and keep meaning to open up and use on toast (and now that it’s open, we will!). The cookies were nice and buttery and got kind of caramelized on the bottom and the cherry was just tart enough to make the cookie part feel less overwhelmingly buttery. My sister said they reminded her of Danish butter cookies, so they fit right in with what we normally expect from Christmas cookies!

Sean says the were pretty simple with the exception of rolling/shaping/cutting, and really the hardest part was cutting the big bar up into individual cookies, which is why some of the cookies are less linear and more smudgy (but still very tasty).


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