South Dakota Corncob-Smoked Ribs and Charred Fingerling Potato Salad

Hi there! I’ve just let this whole thing go, haven’t I? There’s no particular reason, I’ve just been unmotivated. So here I go, trying to catch up. My memory might be a bit fuzzy on some of the details since it has been a week…

Total Time: 4.5 hours, with lots of downtime

Source: Master of the Grill

Servings: 8 or so

Sean’s still working on getting ribs right and we’re not quite sure if it’s the result of buying cheap ribs or his method, but there were some tough sections. The meatier parts were delicious, though, and the corncobs definitely brought a unique flavor. The all-star for me, though, was the potato salad. I love potatoes, but potato salad has always been a no-go. This one, though? Amazing. Turns out white balsamic and smoked paprika is just the best combination for fingerling potatoes and I wanted to just eat all of the potatoes.

Also pictured in the first picture are our go-to vegetables when we’re not having a vegetable-filled dish. They’re nothing special, but I eat way more vegetables this way than I ever used to. Our rice cooker has a steam insert, and we just steam baby carrots and broccoli without anything on them. The carrots need longer, so I usually put them on about 10 minutes before the broccoli and then just check them every few minutes until the broccoli looks soft enough. We buy the pre-cut broccoli florets from Costco because the per-pound price is only slightly higher than when I can find a good deal at the grocery store, but I don’t have to pay for the weight of the stalks, so I figure I come out ahead, even when


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